Need Help Scripting Your Content?

There are a million different ways or methods to follow when scripting your content, but there is a simple method to ensure a clear and concise message. Having a clear message is important in delivering content that holds engagement and isn’t confusing to the viewer. This must also be done without compromising the value that the content brings to the viewer.

What, Why and How

It sounds simple but it is very effective in delivering your message to your audience. Let’s break it down in more detail;


What idea or message are you trying to get across? This is normally a feature of your topic or message that you want to show your audience.


Why does it matter to your viewer? Does it bring them value? Does it help to understand something about your product or something related to your business? Does it add revenue to their company? This is normally the benefit of your message and the value of what you are bringing to the table.


Give them the solution. How will they accomplish what you have said previously? This is the information that will help achieve the what and why.

Keep It Simple Stupid

This may seem to easy or simple but try applying it to writing the scripts for content videos and you’ll be surprised how effective it is at bringing out the message that you want to communicate to your audience. The more simple the better. Having a simple clear message is generally more effective than a complicated one that most people will struggle to understand. It holds engagement and ensures that the message gets across.