The act of following up is crucial for any business and without it, business will cease to exist.

At first, I thought the term “follow up” related only to sales. As time went on and I matured in business, I found that the act of follow up is important in all areas of business. The best way I describe follow up to myself is the process of completing an activity.

In this video, I explain the activity of overcoming a problem. It’s impossible to overcome your target market’s problems if you don’t follow up with them and deliver your solution. This means you need to follow up to win them over as a client. You need to then follow up on all areas of delivery including your team and you must persist with your follow up until the problem is solved.

What we cover in this video:

  1. What “follow up” really is.
  2. How the process of follow up solves problems.
  3. Who’s responsibility is “follow up” in the sales process?
  4. Creating a “follow up” system.
  5. Follow up can result in new customers, repeat customers, and more referrals.


I hope you have liked this video, if you’re a business that rely on new customers , repeat customers and referrals and you might even have a longer than usual sales cycle I’d like to invite you to a free 15 minute phone chat where I can personally give you a follow up strategy customised to your business and your customer journey. The outcome is that you will have a creative system that will nurture existing customers and build trust for future customers. Book 15 Minute Phone Meeting with me

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Follow up is the process of completing an activity, so when it comes to business, especially when you need to acquire new customers, follow up means turning a prospect into a customer. What does this mean for the prospect? This means that if you don’t follow up, you can’t help solve their problem. You have to understand the problem doesn’t get fixed and there’s no value exchange. If someone doesn’t follow up and when I’m being by someone that could be either you or your customer and you probably know this already, but if you’re a business like us, we know it’s our responsibility to follow up and not the customer. We provide a lot of content on this follow up topic and I will list a few of the links below this post, but something you need to do as a business is you need to go sit down and strategically map out your follow up process and what that means is you need to have a look at your marketing, your sales and also your delivery process and then slot in the follow-up processes within that.

The reason why you want to do this is that you need a follow-up system that you and your team can use on a consistent basis to move leads, prospects, and customers through the journey and provide value on the way. If you’re a business that relies on new customers, repeat customers and referrals, and you might even have a longer than usual sales process, I would like to invite you to a 15-minute phone strategy session where we have a chat. I can learn more about your business, your marketing, your sales, and your team, and what problems you actually solve, and then put together a creative follow up a system that you can use to acquire more customers and get more referrals. If you look below this video, you will find a link where you can book in one of these sessions. I’ll see you there.