We found a huge problem in our business and our clients businesses; sales processes might be very long and you need to nurture people, give value and build trust.

The problem with following up and nurturing is that we’re all busy in business and it’s hard to keep track of who to follow up with and the frequency. Another problem is lack of creativity and not knowing what to say or do.

In this video I want to give you 3 ideas on creative follow up that you can use that will be valuable to your customer.

Why is it important to follow up?

Follow up will look different for most businesses but one thing stays the same, the importance of good follow up. If you fix the holes in your sales pipeline through creative follow up it will create more business instantly.

What is good follow up? It’s where your follow up is valuable to the person receiving it.

Three ways to Creatively Follow up:

1. Provide Immediate Results.

Educating them on something that will solve their problem and get them immediate results.

e.g. Call your customer and offer a free info session for their team that will educate them on something that will solve their problem.

2. Selfie Video

This is an extremely valuable tool and is extremely personal which enables you to grow the relationship further.

In a selfie video you use your phone to send a personal video message to your prospect or customer.

What content should you deliver through the selfie video?

– Educate them on something valuable that will help them or solve one of their problems.

– Introduce the rest of your team and show your premises.

3. Valuable Content Delivered Automatically.

A strategy a lot of our clients are using is taking your customers and prospects on a journey to educate them and deliver value.

The content must be designed in a strategic way to help guide customer or prospects along the way and help build trust in you by overcoming their false beliefs and inspiring them.

The great thing about creating a system like this means you never know when your prospect might be ready to buy so this is a great way to stay front in mind and the go to person or business when they are ready.

This is what I call nurturing.

I hope you have liked this post, if you’re a business that relies on new customers , repeat customers and referrals and you might even have a longer than usual sales cycle I’d like to invite you to a free 15 minute phone chat where I can personally give you a follow up strategy customised to your business and your customer journey. The outcome is that you will have a creative system that will nurture existing customers and build trust for future customers.

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