The Importance Of Story

Having a good story is arguably the most important part of any video created for a business. The story is the lifeblood that drives the viewer to take action. Your audience wants to do business with you but they need to believe in your business. This means that a connection is needed on an emotional level to leave a lasting impression. Story is the catalyst for that connection and the best way to deliver your message to your audience. We have been telling stories in many forms for thousands of years. From cave drawings to virtual reality. Story is a part of who we are as humans. This is why it works so well and is so effective at creating that much-needed connection. How do you draw out a great story that gets results?

Extracting Story

This can be a difficult part of the process. Getting the story out, forming it and packaging it in a way that people will receive it best. One process we go through with every client that we have, big or small, whether it is a business overview video, a case study video or a content video is the Story Development Session (SDS). This is a process we go through that effectively draws out the story from our clients. We discover exactly what gets them out of bed in the morning. The reason behind the business, its purpose, what they want to achieve in the future. Out of this, we form a unique story that accurately represents the ‘why’ behind the business. Every person and business is different, that means we all express ourselves and open up in different ways. We then create a list of interview questions that are unique to the individual. These questions are designed to draw out the story from the individual in a way that is unique to that person. With our experience of interviewing hundreds of different people, we have found that In order to make the story as effective as possible, it needs to be authentic and believable. This will get the absolute best response from the audience. Authentic emotion and passion draws the viewer in and plays a part in creating that connection.

Delivering Your Message

Video is the best way to deliver your story. It is the medium of communication that receives the highest engagement out of all other forms of communication. It is also the best platform for audiences to retain information they have taken in. Video is the most powerful tool you can use to get your message across. Video carries emotion, it shows the story so people can see it in front of them. People believe what they see and video gives them an opportunity to take it in, in a way that isn’t possible with text or images.