The short answer to this question is; you can be involved in as much as you would like. Whether that be involvement in every step of the process or as little involvement as possible. It all starts with Pre-Production, the planning phase of the video creation process. As a bare minimum, we need our clients to attend the Story Development Session. This is a 90-minute session where we dive deep into your business to extract the most powerful story possible. This session is the key part of the Pre-Production process and is vital to the success of your video. All the other aspects of the Pre-Production phase happens behind the scenes. We will correspond with yourself or the people you appoint within the business to organise and prepare for filming.


We are very efficient with our production process but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend setting aside one day for filming all major projects. These include films such as the Business Overview video and Case Study videos. At the conclusion of filming, we will continue in the post-production phase. This is all the involvement that we need out of you. The next time you will be involved is when we present to you the final draft of your new video.