Let’s Test Your Industry

Video is an asset for EVERY Industry. That means the industry that you are in right now. It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C, video makes a huge difference. It gives you a step up on your competition. Lets take a moment to test the industry that you are in right now.

  1. Go onto Google and search your industry in the search bar. For example ‘Brisbane Builder’.
  2. Open all the results from the first page.
  3. Check if they are using video in any way.
  4. If they are using video, check if they use Story, Case Study Stories and Content Videos.

If some or most of the search results on the first page are not using video then there is a massive opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition. You will also get a good idea of how much of your competition is leveraging the power of video. If the majority of results from the first page are using video, then there is one more thing to look out for that makes a huge difference. Its 2018, many businesses have caught on to using video. There are many different types of video that they could be using, business overview videoscase study videos, content videos ect. However, there is a huge difference between a good video and a great, highly effective video. That difference is story. If the businesses that you have searched are using video but there is no story in the videos then there is opportunity in your industry.

The Difference is Story

You can have the most amazing video visually but if lack story then it will not be effective. Story is so powerful because it creates an emotional connection with your audience. It builds trust and credibility in your business and if used correctly, will achieve very positive results for your business. Using story in your video, makes your business more human, authentic and relatable. In a society where everything is fake, people are hungry for authenticity. If you can show that your business is the most likeable, trustworthy and authentic in a short video, you’ll be miles ahead of any business in your industry.