Know Your Customer

Do you know what your customers biggest problem is? What is the biggest hindrance to them moving forward in their business or life? It is important to get clear on the answers to these questions. It will make a huge difference in your sales and marketing. You will understand exactly what the pain point of your customer is and how to solve it. This gives your business or sales team a greater understanding of the customer and allows them to better relate to them when interacting. How do you use this information to benefit your company?

Let Them Know You Can Help

Once you know what is causing your customers the biggest problems, let them know that you can help them overcome it. This is harder than it sounds which is why the best way to do it is by using the most effective way of communication, video. You need to send them a message using video. Video is proven to be the best way to communicate a message to an audience and receive the highest level of engagement than any other form of communication. Using Content videos is one of the great ways to get a message across to your audience. A great way to structure a message in these content videos is the following;

  • What – Call out their problem. What are they facing? What is their pain point?
  • Why – Why is it important that they overcome the problem? Why should they bother fixing it?
  • How – How are you going to be their solution? How are you going to help them solve it?

How Can Content Videos Benefit My Business?

These content videos become valuable assets that can be used across all platforms. Use it in your marketing, on your social platforms to show your following how you can solve their problems. Educate your audience on what you can do for them and how. It can be used in your sales process to overcome objections. If you feel that a prospect may have an objection after you have a meeting, send them the video that addresses that objection and educates them around that. You can use it on your websites or landing pages to overcome objections and educate your audience so when you book a meeting, they know exactly what you can do for them. This type of video can be highly effective in the sales process in assisting with getting a prospect over the line.

There are many other types of video you can use to grow your business. Check out our Free Guide on the different types of video that businesses are using to their advantage, we explain in detail, the 9 types of video you can use to grow your business.

Video Content To Grow Business