Video Marketing Core: How to create a well crafted Video for your Business

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Business is fun isn’t it?

I’m sure everyone that starts a business at one point does it because they are passionate about something and they want everyone else to enjoy this passion.

That is what a Business should be all about.

It should be about your passion.

It should be about what you do and how you help people. How you can solve their problems.

Welcome to this instalment of the Bizvideo Marketing Series. If you haven’t already, please go back and read ‘Where to start with Video Marketing.’

What is a Business Video?

In short, a Business Video is a video that shows prospects what you’re all about.

You show and tell people that have a problem how you can solve their problem.

If they like what they see they will invest in your product or service.

Like a website, a Business Video is now essential. It is a point of contact for prospects that came by your website or found your video on another platform (Video Marketing).

It is like a salesperson for your business that never goes to sleep. It’s always ready to explain what your business is all about and is ready to get prospects to hit the contact button on your website or get them to pick up the phone and ring you.

If your phone doesn’t ring, or your website doesn’t get any enquiries you are probably struggling. In this instalment you will learn all about what a well crafted Business Video will do for your business and how to implement it into your marketing strategies.

What Needs to Be in a Successful Business Video

Each Business Video needs a few key ingredients to successfully convert prospects into clients. Firstly you need Visuals, a Script and Audio to get the message across.


To have a successful message you need a well crafted script that is not more than 90 seconds long.

There are many different ways to structure a script and this it really depends on your type of business and your core message.

A very basic structure that can be used by 95% of businesses (and can be taken further). It’s a good starting point.

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Process/About
  4. Call to Action/Conclusion

Creating the script this way will ensure that your message follows a thought pattern that needs to be experienced by viewers for them to take action further.

Audio Message

The audio message acts as a base for your Business Video. We suggest to either do this part as a voice over or interview style.

In the past interview style has worked really well for our clients because you can put a face to your business without really looking into the camera.


We use Visuals to show your business and break down any barriers you prospects might have. Visuals are also great to connect the Audio to something that people can see. We suggest using small details in your business and be transparent.

Choose a location that represents your business. Our clients normally choose their place of business or a location that they have delivered their product or service. For a builder this would be a house they have built. For an accountant this would be at their office.

Another example is that we created a few business videos for a Gold Coast Blind Manufacturing and Installation Business.

  • We showed where they manufactured their state of the art blinds.
  • We showed the installation process.
  • We also showed other Unique Factors as to why clients should choose them over other blind companies like their tidy workplace and being on time for their clients.

Here’s the video for your reference:


We have created hundreds of Business Videos for Australian Businesses. So make sure you have a look at our library of videos or check out a few of our latest videos below to get inspiration and ideas for your own business.

Creating a Business Video is actually really easy and the rewards are amazing once you implement the Video Marketing Strategies we will be covering in the next few editions.

If you like what you see and you think you have learnt something so far, please send this page on to your associates and other business owners that might benefit out of it.

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