What’s the #1 best way to use your Business Video?

Let’s look at the lowest hanging fruit first.

There are hundreds of ways you can use video to get more attention to your business, to name a few:

Facebook Personal, Facebook Business, Facebook Ads, Facebook Remarketing, LinkedIn Business, LinkedIn Personal, LinkedinAds, Youtube, Youtube Ads, Youtube Remarketing, Sending to prospects, leads, cold leads, clients that have bought, inserting in your proposals, your website, sending via email newsletter, sending as personal text, email signature, Instagram personal, business and ads. The list seriously goes on and on.

We stumbled upon this one by accident over the years and didn’t notice it straight away.

Many of our clients started telling us they are getting more and more referrals as time goes on.

Our clients started investigating why this happened and what was the cause.

The people giving the referrals said: “well now we have a video of your business that perfectly sums up how you can help them.”

The referer didn’t need to sell anything they could say the following:
1. I used XYZ company, and I got good results.
2. I will text you a video about them.
3. Done deal.

Everyone knows referrals are super powerful, giving your referrers (clients, business contacts, and friends) your Business Overview Story amplifies the referral effect.

If you want to learn more about this, we’ve created a page with heaps of information, examples, and an opportunity for you to get in touch if it sounds like a good fit. Click the link below:

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Everyone I talk to is always like, well, how are we going to use these videos and everything else like that. And I didn’t come up with this term, but it’s called a referral soldier. And the other day we were actually filming with a client of ours, her name is Sharon Watson from Watmar. They do electrical work and so on. And it was just really cool. Like it was a case study for us. And in the video she actually mentioned that her video is a “referral soldier” because one of her key strategies is to get more business is that she got some key referrers and that they are builders, right? So she gave this video to a builder and the builder was so happy for the fact that instead of telling people how good Watmar is and trying to convince people, he just sends that video and it takes care of that. So it’s just a cool term “referral soldier”.