Relationships are vital for any business.

Without a relationship, there is no trust and chances are without trust your business will have no clients.

Most of our clients believe that when they have a prospect to talk to face to face, the sale becomes much more manageable.

How do you build a relationship with the prospect before you get the chance to have that face to face chat?

In this short video, Jean-Pierre explains how we help our clients to build a relationship before the prospect enquires.

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For a lot of the clients before they start using video, they’re saying, you know, our best clients are the ones we’ve had for one, two, three, five, 10 years. Because they’ve been able to build their relationship and for them in the past to achieve that is being they need time to get there.

Or they need to have social events to take the business out of this picture for a bit, to really engage on a personal level. And now that they’ve got video, they’ve said that so many of their new clients coming on board, they’ve been able to achieve that same kind of strong personal relationship so much earlier on because that person who doesn’t know much about them has gone, oh wow! I now understand a little bit more about who you are.

On a personal level you’ve got a family on a personal level, these are the values that are really strong for you and that resonates with me.

Oh, we’ve got that in common. Or this is something that you won by John and you say, fill in that. That’s something I say from one or we got so much in common now. Now we’re great friends from, from day one. Now we get along. Now every time we engage, it’s smooth.

We were open with one another. You trust me. An example would be my mechanic that I recently had my car service with. I’ve used him for years, and my, my family has used him for years, and so when he says, you can’t, it’s this, I got your right there. It would cost this much. Yeah, that’s sure. That’s painful, but you know what? I trust you. If you say it’s necessary, I trust you. Now it’s a great relationship