How do we market and distribute our videos?

It’s a question we get asked every single day no matter what.

We have helped hundreds of businesses in many different industries by telling their story and then help them get that story out there in front of the people that matter.

With this experience, we have found what works and what doesn’t, and we will never settle and stop learning.

We have found that when you have a new video, it needs to go through what we call “The Initial Distribution Implementation.”

We encourage our clients to do this initial implementation themselves, and there are many benefits to doing so.

One thing our clients love is that we don’t just finish a video, give it to them and send them on their way.

We help our clients understand what the next step is. They love the fact that we help give them unique ways to distribute their videos in their particular business and industry. All this makes a massive positive impact on their business growth.

Then they go through our step by step process where we guide them on how to get the videos out there in that initial implementation process.

We deliver this through our online course that only clients have access to.

If you want to learn more about the distribution process, go the link below and if you like what you see, make sure you get in contact with our excellent team.

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Hey guys, it’s Corné here and you know we get asked a lot, how do you distribute these videos? How do you get these videos in front of people and especially the people that actually matter.

I actually created a video marketing distribution course that when we finished videos for our clients, we also give them this course. And I just thought I’ll give you a little bit of a preview of what this looks like. So at the moment there’s 22 different ways of how you can use your video in that initial distribution phase.

Now there’s a lot of different ways you can keep using a video for years to come. But what do you do initially with your video? So we’ve literally mapped it out. You start with step number one, you go on to step number two, you watched the video and you implement straight away.

You watch the next video and you implement it straight away. And once you’ve done the first 22 different ways, I promise you most of your audience would have seen your video. They would have experienced your business, how you can help them, how you can bring value to them, and what problems you can solve, which means you’ll get more customers, which means you can help more people.

So I hope that gives you a little bit of comfort in the fact that we help our customers distribute their videos and get it in front of people. Have a fantastic day.