It doesn’t matter whether your business is B2B or B2C focused.

You will need to build trust with people.

Over the years, we have noticed our clients that build the most trust did it through emotionally connecting with their target market.

Something else we noticed was that even in industries you would never expect the emotional angle would work, it did.

The problem we now face is how do we emotionally connect people through video?
In this short video, Byron explains how we go about it.

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In the editing process it’s our job to take that interview and condense it down into what really needs to be said.

When there’s an authentic interview, there’s so much more that we can actually draw from when it’s just coming from your head. Completely unscripted. It’s more believable, more conversation, and people personally connect with you.

So you might think that if it’s coming from the head, it might not be clear. He might not be able to speak to, oh, what we do is we take that collection of thoughts and we compile them into one streamlined interview that your viewer can go on a journey with you and understand what you’re trying to say. There’s no facade that it’s you speaking from within, and people really relate to that.