We’re not actors, and neither are you.

It’s pretty hard to be in front of the camera and deliver valuable content.

Not just that, you need to communicate value, overcomes objections, and inspire your target market to take some action.

One of our core principles at Bizvideo is to create authentic content and stories. (I’ll leave it up to your imagination to take care of why we think this is important.)

We’ve created thousands of stories for businesses, and we’ve become very good at the interview process.

What is the interview process?

It’s the process where our subject (you, your client or your team) having a natural conversation with one of our team members. There’s also a camera. Our job is to extract as much information and go down rabbit holes you didn’t think is possible.

That’s how we create authentic stories; it’s by going deep, much deeper than you would any typical day.

André likes to explain it this way “our job is to extract 10,000% and then mold, edit and craft the story back down to 100%”.

At the end of the day you will have a story (in the form of a video) that is a 100% authentic, makes sense to your target market, shows how you solve problems and bring value to them.

All this is done to inspire your target market to take some action (without telling them).

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Sometimes, when you’re put under the spotlight and you’re being filmed that then suddenly it creates this thing of like you’re going into this robotic state. And the biggest thing for us is that we want to capture you and your business authentically.

So, our approach is to get you in a state where you’re just chatting, you’re just conversational, you’re being who you are. Our job at Bizvideo is to then go and really grab out the essence of what their business is about. We formed so many different stories and we understand that story can have such a powerful impact on a business.

So, we then take that back to the team and that’s where we talk on condensing that down to say two minutes, for example, and really bring out the golden nuggets so that when someone watches that two minutes, they completely understand what’s being said, so that when they finish that video, they can basically repeat what’s been said in that video to anyone down the street.