Anything worthwhile takes time, but how much time should you invest in creating videos for your business?

These days, with technology and content available on the Internet, 70% of a sale is done before the customer inquiries. This is great because you think about the old days when a customer inquired about your business, you had to go through this massive journey with them. That 70% to get them educated on your product, service, your company, and everything, but these days, they’ve already don’t that by the time they inquire with you.

When I say research, by research, I mean they’ll be researching

  • Third-party sites.
  • Your website
  • Your social media channels.

When they’ve done enough research on your company and they think it’s a good idea to contact you, they will. If you have a great product or service and you know you’ve got the ability to help your customer out, this is a great place to be in because this means you can put content in front of them while they are in the research stage.

This is a great time to invest not only your money, but also your time in videos, such as overview film of your company, case study films by your customers, and content videos to educate your clients even further. Remember, once you’ve created this video, it will serve multiple customers coming through your business. What that means is it’s an asset for your business.

Getting back to the question. How much time should you, as a business owner, invest in creating videos for your business?

The easiest way for me to explain this is, how much time do our clients invest in their videos when they come on board with us:

  • Start off with a 2-hour story development session where we go really deep into the purpose of the video, the business character, visuals we need to capture, and most importantly, the story structure.
  • We then go and do a day shoot.
  • Post-production . When it comes to post-production, our clients don’t have to do anything. We do all the post-production.
  • We then get our clients back in when we’ve created the first draft to review and make any changes we need to make.
  • Once we’ve delivered the final video, we do a distribution session. This distribution session is where we come up with ideas on where they can use this video in their everyday business processes and also where this video needs to go, whether it’s their website, whether it’s social media channels, email, email signature, everything else like that.

Remember, as business owners, we are in a great position because we’re saving about 70% of the time of each client. That 70% of the time can now go into creating more assets for your business.