Don’t use video for marketing… Instead, what you should be focusing on is creating a story that will engage people, connecting them to your business on an emotional level.

Once you have a strong story, you should use the video in the following ways:

The first priority: Current Clients.

Once you have the story, and you show it to your current clients, it will build customer loyalty, leading to more repeat business and referrals.

The second priority: Sales Tool

Using this video as a sales tool to warm up leads and prospects, and also to get those proposals over the line. So, when you send a proposal or a quote next time, you can include this video in that proposal. And remember, educate your sales guys on this asset that they can use in their sales process.

A few examples: Use it in email signatures. Use it in emails. Use it as a text message to follow up on a meeting. It’s there to warm up the whole sales process.

The third priority: Marketing!

Yes let’s face it, video is great for marketing and gaining awareness to your company.