Today I want to talk about how to identify your ideal target markets and then how to communicate their language. So the best way to identify you ideal target market is to reflect on your current clients, now have a look at your current clients that you build the most value for, have a look at your clients that you have the best relationship with, and because we are in business and money is important have a look at the clients that pay you the most for what you have to offer them.

So now that you’ve identified your ideal target market by looking at your current clients go and pinpoint those exact clients that I’ve just mentioned before and tell stories about them, and you might be asking how do you tell stories of them, the best and easiest way is through case study films or testimonial videos, and a really important step in this process is to tell multiple stories so that means multiple clients.

What you will find is this clients will have different lifestyles, different scenarios and if you are on a business to business they’ll be in different industries. So as a quick example let’s imagine you are a business to business company and you service multiple industries, you might tell the story of let’s say an accountancy firm, you might tell a story of a law firm or a school or a university, so what you want to do is you want to tell specific stories of each one of these industries.

So you might be going “Why Corne? Why do I need multiple stories or multiple Industries?” and my best answer for you is people relate better to others that are in the same position as them and this is why we use the following story structure. We take your client, we show their desire before they came to you, we then show their conflict again before they came to you, then we take them on a journey to find the solution and by the way in brackets here you are the solution, then we show the end results.

Now imagine a prospective client is watching this video or this case study. What stage do you think they are at, at this moment? They are in a conflict stage. They know their desire, they know their conflict, they don’t know what the solution is. What you are doing is you are taking them on a journey to find the solution which is you, through this case study to show the end results and the end results goes directly back to the desire that they have.

So that’s it guys that’s how you identify your ideal target market and how you can communicate in their language through your past clients. I hope that has helped you, please have a look at some of our other videos to help you even further with your story telling have a fantastic day!