Hi, everyone. Hope you’re well. Do not skip this important social media step. I want to talk to you today about a step that’s involved in the creation of content that is for social media, so the process goes from the planning to the creation to the posting, but there’s one more step after that that many small businesses and individuals tend to skip that is influential and so important when it comes to growing your social media account and influencing your audience. That is the step of engaging with your audience. Engaging is when you interact with people, when you comment, when you like, when you go into other pages, go into other circles, and you interact with an audience that is similar to your audience. That is so important and so vital, and here’s three reasons why.

Reason number one, because you humanise yourself and your business and whoever you are presenting on social media. By humanising yourself, you are creating an emotional connection to the person behind the screen, so that when people look at your post, it’s not just another photo or a video. You actually become someone who is behind the photo in the video. There’s somebody behind it that’s interacting with them, that’s encouraging them, that is thanking them for their feedback. When you get that right, you form an emotional connection.

Step number two is that you build momentum. Just like when you go to a coffee shop and you keep coming back and you keep coming back, you become a regular. It’s the same in social media. If someone enjoys your posts and likes the content that you’re producing, they’ll keep coming back, and by interacting with them, you get the higher chance of having more regulars on your page.

Step number three, it leaves a lasting impression. When you engage with your audience on social media platforms, you leave a lasting impression because you’ve made and created an emotional connection with that person or organisation, so whenever they think about your brand or your name or your picture or whoever you are representing on social media, they will remember emotionally that connection that they had with you at the start when you interacted with them, and they’ll always have good thoughts of you. Engaging with your audience is such an important step in the process of posting to social media, and people need to do it. Many people skip over it, many people don’t get around to doing it, but it is so vital in growth and engaging and creating communities that follow you.

That’s all from me today, guys, but check out our website and our blog and all our other social media platforms for more information and tips and tricks on every aspect of business.