It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations of business and forget how valuable you are to your clients. This is a different concept around testimonial videos for a change.

Companies normally get testimonial videos or case studies to use as a sales tool or within their marketing. I’ve got a different reason why you should be looking at creating testimonial videos and case studies for your company. Create testimonials and case studies for your own business, create them for your team and everyone who works in your company. It’s time to celebrate the wins!  Get that fresh perspective from the clients that you’ve really helped and where you’ve changed their lives.

This is a great and positive way to lift the culture of your company and get everyone really excited about being part of the business again. The other benefit is it gives your sales team some insight into what’s important for your prospective clients. They can use this information to sell and create better value for future clients.

Also, you obviously now have this amazing video to use as a sales tool and in your marketing as well. The main point is to find out what is valuable to your clients and provide more of that value to them. We as business owners can get so caught up that we forget to constantly be improving and looking for ways to increase the value of our services or product. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how you help your clients.

I hope this information has added value to you. If you need help around creating story and specifically case studies and testimonials for your business, have a look at some of the other content that we have created on that topic. Have a fantastic day!