Perhaps you can relate.

Running a business has its ups and downs, and we have been riding this wave for nearly ten years.

We’ve seen this in our client’s businesses too. When things are good, it’s great. When it slows down, it sometimes gets a little scary.

I always suggest building when you’re busy.

When I say “build,” I mean invest time and money in the following:

– Creating tighter systems in your business.
– Build your brand.
– Get clear on your message and how you bring value to people’s lives.
– Put money into marketing and advertising and getting attention to your business.
– Create tools for your sales team to amplify their efforts.

Doing all of this will create momentum for you and your team, and you will be inspired to help even more people.

You will create momentum that when things get slow, you can go right through and stand out.

I’ve found that when things get slow personally, I go into a bit of a scarcity mindset, and when that happens confidence slowly escapes, and so does my creativity to grow the business and help more businesses.

Whether you are in a slow phase of your business or an abundant, you still need to market your business. Marketing is like fuel. Without fuel, the car doesn’t go. You can’t escape it.

If you’re in an abundant phase of business, well then go for it, double down and make the most of it create momentum.

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One thing that I find fascinating is when business is going really well and while you’re very busy, that is a time to actually advertise creative videos, building marketing systems, everything else like that.

This morning I actually got an inquiry through one of our ads that we’re running and they said business is going really, really well. We’ve got a lot of projects happening at the moment. I think it’s like a luxury home builder and the person said that now is the time for me to build my brand while I’m busy because I know exactly in 12 months time it’s, it might slow down and I think a lot of businesses they always say, let’s start building our brand. Let’s create videos when things slow down at it where we’ve got a little bit more time there.

The problem I find with that, and if this has happened now, business as well, when business goes down a little bit, for some reason you’re going to scarcity mindset and it disabled a lot of creative ways for you to get your message out there and get clear on what problems you solve and what value you create. So I just thought that’s a pretty cool story. And it’s actually a video that I created about two years ago.

Create your videos while you’re busy. So.