Websites Are Great

Websites are an amazing tool for any business to use. It is vital to have a website and every business should have one. However, every business should also have a Landing page… I’ll get onto what exactly a landing page is in a bit but first here are some cool stats on websites. The average website converts at 1%. That means for every 100 visitors only one person will inquire with your business or move onto a sale. The average conversion rate of a high performing website is between 3-5%. That’s a lot of traffic you have to move to get very few results. This is because on your website there are a lot of distractions and options for the viewer to click on. Websites are not optimised for conversion. They are optimised to give as much information about your business as possible. This leaves room for potential customers to slip through the gaps.

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing Pages are single web pages designed and optimised for one purpose only, to get the sale. These pages only have one option for the viewer to click on. Either they move on with the sale, inquire, put in their details, make a purchase or they leave and close the page. This leaves no room for distractions or any other option than converting and becoming a customer or a lead. The average conversion rate of a landing page is 5%. That’s 4% higher than the average website. The average conversion rate of a top performing landing page is 11.5%. That’s 10-12 people out of every 100 that are converting on your landing page.

Use Video With Your Landing Page

Video is the cherry on top of your landing page. If you have a video on your landing page it can increase your conversion rate by a further 80%. This is because video is the most effective way to communicate a message to your audience. It creates an emotional connection that moves the viewer to take action. When there is only one action to take on your page, your conversion rate goes up. We had a client that used the videos that we created for them on their landing page and it increased their conversion by 200%. There is a lot of potential for using Landing pages alongside your website and its worth at least testing.

Give It A Shot

Your website may be performing really well already and you may think that you don’t need a landing page. It will be worthwhile to give it a go. It doesn’t hurt to test and try out using a landing page. You never know what results you might get unless you try it out. If it works then great, you now have more customers, if it doesn’t then at least you tried and you know that your website is performing well. The whole process is about testing and optimising your landing page or website to have the highest possible conversion rate. Video helps to dramatically increase your conversion rate and is definitely a must-have on either your website or landing page.