The 4 Outcomes of a Great Video

A great business video can achieve some amazing results and outcomes. It is good to know what these outcomes are when you’re in the creation process. Having these in mind will result in a higher quality product that delivers on those results more effectively. Here are some of those outcomes.

1. Communicate Your Message

The video must communicate your brand, your beliefs and also your company’s “why”. The “Why” is very important as people love to buy into the story of a business. It attaches them emotionally and leads to a greater chance of converting the sale. Successful business videos nail this on the head and they benefit from their client already knowing what they do and why they do it.

2. Increase Credibility

A good business video build’s credibility. Credibility means that your prospects level of trust for you as a company will go up. It means they are more likely to convert because they know your services and your business is credible and authentic. This ties into the communication of your message as the effective communication of that message will result in greater credibility.

3. Build Trust

Trust is one of the key factors in converting a prospect into a client. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. It is the ultimate telltale sign of a great business video. If the video has communicated the message, shown that it is a credible business and builds trust then you know that it is successful. You can do this effectively with the visuals that you show in your business video. Show the building, your office, your team, it shows the viewer that you are human. People believe and trust what they see. This is the reason you should be showing those examples mentioned above, in your video.

4. Value

Great videos are good at communicating value. What’s in it for the clients? Why does your service or product matter to them and how will it change their life? This is the part where you show your prospects how valuable you are to them. It is difficult to do effectively on other forms of media like social, email or even in a sales meeting. Video is the best way to communicate value to your prospect. In the video you need to show them rather than tell them your point of difference. People respond to what they see way better than what they hear or read. If you can effectively show the audience the value you provide through video, they are more likely to choose you over your competition.