A big problem a lot of builders struggle with is getting their ideal projects and clients.

To solve the problem you have to look at what causes the problem, in other words, the root cause.

When it comes down to it, you “sell” what you “show”.

One of the root causes of not getting the projects and clients you want is that you’re not showing the projects you want.

But what comes first? The chicken or the egg?

How can I show ideal projects if I don’t have any yet?

Well, you need to showcase what you have to the best of its ability.

Tim, the owner of Kai Konstruct didn’t start with projects like this video. He worked his way up and along the way he showcased his projects as best as he could so that the next project is that little bit better.

Here’s how you showcase your project to the best of its ability:

  1. Use storytelling – This will enhance the perceived value of the project.
  2. Use emotional connection – If you emotionally connect with your ideal clients they will look past the product and you will tap into the “why” part of their brain, the creative, emotional side. Think family.
  3. Client-focused story – Design the story you tell for the viewer, your ideal client. Make it about them and not you.

The marketing landscape for builders is evolving faster than you can imagine and loads of builders are getting left behind if they don’t have an emotional storytelling marketing strategy in place.

If you’re a builder, and you want to see if/how this could work, click the link below to get more info: