“I’m just getting bad quality leads”.

Most builders we talk to say their marketing doesn’t work.

They attract bad quality leads.

The ones that waste time.

The ones that only focus on cost.

This sucks because these same builders know they need marketing to get sales (projects).

They find all their marketing efforts just end up wasting time and money.

And it leaves them empty-handed, and they don’t know where to go…

You see, these builders get fed information of the newest tactics to “try”…

…instead of looking at the core principles and just doing what “works”.

If you look at it from a first principle perspective, this is how you need to break it down.

(And by the way, this works for 100’s of our clients)

1) First, you need to choose who you need to talk to. (This is your ideal client.)

2) Secondly, you need to understand them intimately (including their desires and problems)

3) Thirdly, you need to craft your message that they emotionally connect with. (Get their attention, build trust and show you understand what they want.)

You see if you look at it from that perspective, it changes everything.

The problem is most people overcomplicate this process.

They are in their own heads and don’t know how to simplify the process.

They try to “outsmart” the process.

I can understand why, because as business owners we are always super “close” to what we do.

So this is what our builder clients get from us when we “simplify” and do what “works”.

a) Our builders get a tried and tested framework to establish a strong message.
b) We create their stories in the form of videos that emotionally connect and builds trust with their ideal clients.
c) We broadcast our builders’ stories in front of their ideal clients now and in the long term future.
d) We get their ideal clients “aware” of our builders.
e) We nurture their ideal clients until they are ready to build.
f) We guide the client through a straightforward journey and advance to the “next logical step”.
g) Our builder clients get data where they can quickly qualify or disqualify and not waste any time.

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