What Is The End Goal?

Is there a purpose to the content that you create?

In other words, do you create it with the end goal in mind? At the start of the creation process, do you consider the end result of your content? It is important to ask yourself what the results you are wanting to achieve form the content you want to create before you create it.

This will help you determine what platform it will be shown on and how that affects your target market.

Tailor The Content To The Platform

Think about how different social platforms have different optimal settings.

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube all have different variables that make content on those platforms optimised for the user. For example, on Instagram, you can not have video longer than one minute. This means you have to get your message across in that minute and the average watch time on Instagram is much less than that. How can you tailor your content to capture attention and engage an audience for one minute?

The demographic on Instagram is different to Facebook. If you start with that question of “What is the purpose of my content” then you will be able to easier optimise your content to the platform that best suits your audience. If your target audience is younger and tends to be on Instagram a lot then your content needs to be tailored to the specifications that are optimised for Instagram.

Results, As Expected

When you begin to create purpose-driven content from the first stage of the creation process, you will start seeing results. As your content becomes more optimised and thought out from the start, you will see an increase in engagement and results. The more you think about the end goal of the content at the start, the more effective your creation process will become.