Follow The Crowd

You may not think that Instagram is for your business. Maybe you don’t understand it or it seems too complicated or difficult for you. There is a simple feature on Instagram that you could be using to leverage some traffic that you may have. If you do not have an Instagram account for your business, you are potentially missing out on free exposure. Instagram Stories is a feature where you can post a short 15-second video that is only available for 24hours. As of November 2017, there are over 300 million people using the story feature on Instagram every month. Over 1 million businesses have used sponsorship ads on Instagram stories to promote a product or service. That alone should be evidence enough that stories are becoming a valuable asset if businesses are using it as a platform to advertise. Follow the money trail!

Why Use Stories?

Stories give your audience insight into your business. It lets people in behind the scenes to see aspects of the business they wouldn’t normally have access to. It gives an honest and open look into the issues and problems we face in running a business as well as the victories. This creates a connection and allows the audience to relate to our situation on a daily basis. We go on a journey of solving problems and celebrating with the audience. This builds trust and credibility as well as breaks down the barriers of anonymity. It makes your business seem less like a machine or corporate giant and more like real humans running a business. Using stories every day creates and builds a community around your business. It creates connections between like-minded people who love to consume your content. People love it when they can see whats happening behind the scenes!

Using stories creates a new unique way for you to engage and interact with your audience while building a digital community around you. If you haven’t tried this feature on Instagram, give it a go! Over 300 Million people are actively using it. Don’t get left behind, get on the Insta-Story train!