False beliefs are thoughts, doubts, misconceptions, preconceived ideas that your prospects have about your product or services.

False beliefs appear to be real in your prospects mind because that is what they believe. You know they are false based on facts and results you have been able to attain for past clients.

In this video, we will go into detail on how to identify these false beliefs, how to craft stories and content to overcome them and where to strategically put this content on the prospect’s journey for them to overcome it.

What we cover in this video:

  1. Use this as your advantage. Truth is most builders don’t take the time to identify these false beliefs.
  2. What are False Beliefs (extremely important if you’re a builder).
  3. Why you should care about False Beliefs as a builder.
  4. How to identify False Beliefs people have when it comes to your building business, your service and the industry.
  5. The 3 Different False Beliefs you have to identify and overcome with your prospective client.
  6. How to overcome these false beliefs to get more projects.

Resources & Links:

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