Email Is Not Dead

Email is most definitely not dead. It may be much less effective than it used to be 10 years ago but to write it off is like throwing away money.

You can still use email in many ways to generate a positive return. When it comes to lead nurturing, email is a great way to deliver important valuable content to your list. Keeping in front of your audience is extremely valuable when it comes to the nurturing process.

It is essential that the information you are providing your list is extremely valuable to them and solves a problem that they have. The content needs to be captivating and something that the reader will actually want to consume.

Here is a strategy that you can use to effectively nurture your leads until they are ready to spend money with you.

Using A Drip Campaign

Something that has helped our business tremendously has been the use of email drip campaigns.

This is where you set up a campaign that delivers the first email in the sequence as soon as someone is added to the list. This means that a person who joins 6 months down the line will get the same first email that someone would get if they joined right now.

As long as the content in your emails are ‘evergreen’ you can use the same emails all year round for every new lead that comes in. Evergreen is where the content is not restricted by time and date.

The process also allows you to strategically order your emails in a way that builds trust and moves the lead to take action with your business.

It also keeps your company in front of the prospect the constantly, they may not be ready to buy now but when they are ready, your business will be the first that comes to mind.

Content To Use In Your Emails

When creating a drip campaign for your business, content is the most important and crucial part of the campaign being successful. As mentioned earlier, the content needs to be captivating and has to provide real value or the recipient will not open or read the content.

We have found that using video in your emails is extremely effective. You are more likely to have a higher click-through rate on your emails if you include a video thumbnail with a link through to your video content.

Even including a video thumbnail in the footer of all of your emails can also be enticing to the reader. At the end of the day, this is another way of keeping in the back of your customer’s mind.

Try writing down a few ideas for content that you can create that would be a perfect value-add for your target market.