This word gets thrown around a lot.


Well, it’s what drives building businesses.

The problem: Bad pipeline…

This could mean one of three things:

  1. Full project pipeline but… the projects are not ideal for your business model.
  2. Empty project pipeline… well this just sucks.
  3. Inconsistent pipeline… which means no predictability.

One thing I notice with many clients when they first come on board is that they usually rely on referrals.

The problem with this is you can’t control the type of referrals or the type of projects you get from referrals.

This sucks for two reasons:

Reason 1: If your pipeline looks frail, you take on whatever it is, which results in a ‘non-ideal project pipeline’.

Reason 2: You feel bad to say no to referrals so you take it on anyway.

Both these reasons will stop you from getting to that next level because while you’re taking on these non-ideal projects… other builders are setting themselves up and focus on the projects they WANT.

Taking on a non-ideal project with a non-ideal client will most likely lead to problems down the track, You have probably experienced this before.

Most builders we talk to, just the thought of a crap pipeline keeps them up at night… which can’t be good?

The solution:

You need to “Manufacture Predictability”.

This means you need to take control and create predictability so you don’t have to accept the wrong referrals or wrong leads.


Step 1) First, you need to get clear on your ideal clients and projects. Without this, you won’t know who to say yes or no to.

Step 2) You need to create a message that emotionally connects to them.

Step 3) You need to plant seeds early on, and you need to plant new seeds all the time, even if you have a busy pipeline.

Step 4) Nurture those seeds using emotional storytelling and being in front of those ideal clients all the time until they are ready to reach out.

Step 5) You need to have marketing systems in place 24/7 that flow into your sales process and project pipeline.

Here are two prime examples of clients that followed the five steps above:

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