We’ve been helping Tim from Kai Konstruct since 2017.

It’s been an epic journey so far, and we thought it’s time for Jean-Pierre to interview Tim to tell the story of his journey of growing and developing his Custom Home Building Company.

In this video, we cover everything from ROI, his edge as a builder and following the steps of great people.

What we cover in this video:

  • The common questions builders ask us about the Story Process.
  • How to find your edge in business.
  • How to decide on the right “video company.” What should I look for?
  • What Tim’s reservations were before committing.
  • How to get clarity in your business.
  • When should I start the Story process with Bizvideo?
  • How evolved should my business be until I create my Overview Story and how many projects do I need under my belt?
  • Why you should be telling more people about what you do.
  • Follow the steps of people that have become successful already.
  • How videos help me get off the tools.
  • Should I invest in video and story if “I’m too busy”?
  • How Tim made sense of the investment and what option I chose.
  • What ROI should I expect with video?
  • If Tim could go back in time, what would option would I go with?
  • How many leads?
  • Finding the people that “you want to build for”.
  • How to use leverage to get known by your target market.
  • Positioning yourself as a builder.
  • Setting goals big enough that scare you.
  • Where is option 4 & 5?

Resources & Links:

The training video (button above) will give you all the information you need, the story & video marketing strategy and how to engage us. Watch this video before you schedule a call with us.