Most builders don’t have any time…

We talk to A LOT of builders.

Every single day!

Whenever we ask, “what’s your biggest problem” guess what they say?

“Mate, I don’t have any time”.

Does this sound familiar?

Look, if we boil it down, this sucks.


Because you can’t give your business the time, it needs to get unstuck and go to that next level.

You can’t spend enough quality time with your family/lifestyle/hobbies.

It won’t get better either.

When we talk to these builders with ‘no time’, and we ask “why”, they usually say:

I have to deal with so many time wasters.
I have to spend days upon days doing a quote with no guarantees resulting in a job.
Because I’m quoting, running between jobs, admin etc. – I can’t reply to enquiries.

This is a nasty feedback loop, meaning it won’t get better…

… unless you take the time to uncover the problem and get a solution.

Problem: “Dealing with time wasters”.

If you can eliminate this problem, it will win you back time.

Solution: Cut down the hours on wasted leads, aka time wasters.


  1. Identify the “next logical step” for your prospects.
  2. Design an “offer” around the “next logical step”.
  3. Make the prospect “work” for the “offer”.
  4. Decide whether or not the prospect qualifies for “offer”.
  5. Have enough data early on, without wasting time.
  6. This will cut down your “time wasters” drastically.

Look at the example below. This is our client Andrew from the Sunshine Coast:

“The biggest issue before we had the questionnaire was that leads were unqualified, and I would waste time getting ready for a phone call and then someone would just want a bathroom renovation etc., something small. Now I have some great data straight away to know what leads to spend time on and what leads I can pass on. No wasting time…” – Andrew, Blackhaus

If you are SICK of time wasters… now is the time to get proactive instead of always being reactive (and complain about only attracting time wasters).

This is an easy fix.

But you need to make a decision that you’re going to do something about it.

We just created a brand new training video for builders. We dive deep into some of the critical problems holding builders back at the current level.

Click the link below to watch the training video now: