Standing Out

One of the biggest challenges any business will face is standing out in their industry. How will you distinguish yourself from the sea of competition in your industry? All too often your voice can get drowned out and lost in the noise of your competition. When you finally do get out in front of the crowd and have an opportunity to deliver your message, how do you do it in a way that people will actually listen? Your business will come across one or both of these problems at some point and knowing what to do to overcome these problems can help catapult you ahead of the rest.

Video Works

The most effective way to solve one or both of those problems is with video. Video is the ‘not so secret’ weapon that companies around the world are using to cut through the noise and deliver an effective message to their audience. Video is the most effective form of communication and will play a big part in the delivery of your message. In order to cut through the sea of competition, you need something more. Something that no one else can copy or use, something that every business has but very few utilise. You have a unique story that no one else can copy. Every business has a story to tell. The secret to cutting through all the noise is storytelling. Its what will distinguish you from the rest and with the help of video, effectively deliver your message.

An Industry of Distrust

Buzzword is a perfect example of a company that was struggling to communicate their message through all the noise of the industry. That’s not the only issue they had to deal with. The SEO industry is notoriously untrustworthy and right from the start, gaining enough trust from a prospect to convert them into a client is extremely difficult. After they came to us for help, we packaged their story in the form of a business overview video and delivered their message. Within the first week of the video being released, they had signed on a client from seeing the video. This is the power of storytelling through video. They now use the video in every step of their sales process and continue to see amazing results.

Here is the video that we created for Buzzword: