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by | Jul 11, 2016 | Video Strategy

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What is your competition doing?

Well, do the opposite!

The starting point for many of our clients is to show us an already existing video and put forward similar ideas they’d like seen in in their own- however…..

Our first bit of advice is to list the details of the preexisting video and make sure you don’t copy or repeat what’s already been done.

By all means, use as many inspirations as you can to dictate your look and feel.

There is no such thing as an original thought or idea, the best artists steal- its true.

If you’re in a specific industry then be certain your video can exist in the same universe as the videos that have come prior, but always be certain they have their own voice as no one wants to see the same thing twice.

Stand out.


1. What is your Point of Difference?

Create a “point of difference” list- a clear list of differences your business has to the same companies in your industry.

We’re not talking about “on time delivery” or “great customer service” as that’s what your competitors are also going to say.

Rather points of difference that separate your company completely- perhaps the ideas your company is built on- the ideas that make your business stand out.

2. Eye-catching Thumbnail

There are hundreds of thousands, scratch that, millions of videos that exist in the realm your video will inhabit.

One thing that makes people click is the thumbnail you select to represent your video.

Make it eye catching, make it unique, make it interesting. If it creates curiosity- you’ll have clicks. Clicks=views.

3. Engage within the first 5-10 Seconds

This is where editing meets pre production. Your initial 5-10 seconds is your most critical phase in the video as it’s where you either win or lose a potential viewer.

With the prevalence of Vine and Twitter- we as a modern audience demand information quickly (in 140 characters or less- or in video terms- within 10 seconds).

If they’re hooked, they’ll usually invest their time and finish the video.

This also proves handy when posting to Facebook- as it appears on your audience’s newsfeed- and you need them to stop scrolling when coming across your video.

Use your best audio and visual cues upfront, and they’ll stick around.

4. Be Yourself! Everyone else is already taken.

This applies to both individual businesses or companies with multiple staff.

If you can apply your own personal stamp, look and feel or culture on to your video than you’ll have no issues standing out. As humans, none of us are alike, not exactly anyway- so why be anyone else but yourself.

The same principal applies directly to your company. “Fake” gets noticed negatively very quickly.

5. Use a lot of Emotion!

Having emotional involvement or attachment with something you’re seeing on screen makes it worth more than anything else.

Emotion is key, feel rather than hear.

If you can make them laugh, or alternatively make them cry- they’ll remember you.

The blending of your visuals and your music play a massive role here as your narrative can only create so much emotion.

6. Use Human Senses!

Touch, smell, sight, taste and sound- the more you incorporate in your film the more likely you are to stand out. Unfortunately for us- “smell o vision” doesn’t exist yet, and you can’t eat a video either.

But if they’re hearing and seeing your product/brand/business clearly and it’s making them feel- then you’re on to a winner.

7. Content is King

In 2016, you have to stay on top of your competition by releasing fresh and new content as often as you can.

If you can establish an audience base than you’ve already one-upped everyone else.

Create value before any investment and you’ll stand out dramatically. Create and publish on an ongoing basis and you’ll be providing value on an ongoing basis.

This creates brand awareness- and an awareness of the services your business provides.

You may not be the solution a client requires right now- but keep your name out there- and they’ll call you when they need you.

8. Most Importantly, Tell a Story

Your video can be as pretty as a picture, or sound as good as a symphony- but if you don’t have a story than it can be rendered pointless.

Your story is your engagement point- if you can make it new and unique than no one else can do the same- as the story is an exclusive.

Everyone has a story to tell- and everyone’s been told stories they’ll never forget. Make sure the tale you’re telling is engaging, and everything else follows.

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