Welcome to Bizvideo

We craft stories for brands & businesses. Stories that connect & articulate their message & have their audience fall in love with them.

We’re a  Gold Coast Video Production Agency

We help businesses grow, stand out and become more human like.

Story Focused Approach for Businesses & Brands that care.

As storytellers we know and understand how powerful media is and the change it can achieve. That is why we take part to shape a better future and give businesses & brands that care a fighting chance to express their ‘why’ and change the world for the better.


We all have stories!


"We believe storytelling in modern day business is so important and applaud the incredibly creative team at Bizvideo who have been able to capture exactly what we needed, to showcase our wonderful clients who are real people with real stories."

Donna Quaill

Director / XBC Business Centre

"In a few short months I have appointments booked our all day everyday. Back to back. I always knew the power of video. I had wanted to implement this from about 2013 but didn't know how, and in my wildest imagination it never would have been this successful."


Michael Cooper

CEO / MXA Financial Planning


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