Video Strategy

The most important factor with any Video Marketing Campaign is the objective. Together, with our clients, we plan a strategic long term Video Marketing Plan whether the objective for your company is growing sales or building a brand personality through Branded Video Content.


Video Production

We work towards our clients Business Objectives. Every video we produce no matter what the creative may be, is carefully formulated to achieve a very particular outcome. These outcomes are normally discussed in the strategy phase. The creative is then applied to achieve the outcomes through Lifestyle Films, Branded Content Videos, TVC’s, Case Study Videos and much more.

Video Marketing

The execution of the campaign includes implementing systems and automation to market the specific videos created for the specific outcomes built in the strategy phase. We help our clients get their videos out there to be seen by their target audience for a high ROI. In a world of marketing that is always changing, inbound marketing has been proven to work for most businesses and using the Video Content Bizvideo produce will attract the right clients.


Bizvideo is a Gold Coast based Digital Video Production Agency. A team of experts that are always willing to grow to ultimately create and provide cutting edge, high quality videos for our clients.

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Video Strategy, Production & Marketing Concepts

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