Video Marketing Core: How to Create a Testimonial Video for your Business

Video Marketing Core- How to Create a Testimonial Video for your Business.-0001

I bet you’ve sat through dozens of infomercials and never bought a single thing.

It is much more satisfying hearing feedback from other customers.

Would you like to know the secrets behind successful video testimonials?

Secrets of Effective Video Testimonials

Testimonial videos must be genuine so people know they are honest.

When a customer shares their pre-purchase reticence before confirming you gave good service, the viewers warm to you. The last thing you want is to put words on your reviewer’s tongue though. The right place to start is to add a little structure. Before you can do this you have to get their consent. We help our client by providing them with well planned questions.

It’s best to ask permission while they have a warm and fuzzy feeling and want to brag about how smart they were for choosing you.

So do it right away before their enthusiasm tarnishes. I know you’re busy. I’ll move on right now to the six topics every great testimonial video should cover. These help your customer start thinking straight and generally prepare.


Core Questions

1. What was the biggest obstacle in your mind that would have prevented you from buying ?

We all have second thoughts before ordering anything. Sometimes we have concerns about the product. At other times, we doubt the supplier’s ability to deliver. We may even be wondering whether we need the thing at all. The reviewer’s reason will come across as genuine because it is. That makes this the perfect icebreaker.

2.    What did you find as a result of buying ?

The answer may be different from what you expect. However it is going to diffuse the concerns the previous question raised, and help the viewer relax, sit back and listen. That way they move rapidly from caution to active interest. The next step begins to close the deal.

3.    What specific feature did you like most about ?

The reviewer moves seamlessly into reviewing your product as a happy customer. How much more powerful is that that a self-seeking infomercial. If you choose your testimonial-giver carefully they will morph into a super-salesy role on your behalf. Can you think of a better way to sell?

4.    What would be three other benefits of ?

By now you have got your prospect sitting on the edge of their seat. They clicked the video because they want the product, they know they want your product, they are hungry for confirmation so they can order. If there are only two more reasons that’s okay. Now for the clincher.

5.    Would you recommend ? If so, why?

By now this will be obvious in your video viewers mind. The purpose of this step is to reinforce the message, so you do not have to come in at the end and close the call to action. Besides, whose call is more powerful – the salesperson who has said it a hundred times before, or the customer who speaks from personal experience?

6.    Is there anything you would like to add?

Your reviewer may skip this one and that’s okay. We always provide the opportunity because we have seen amazing closing statements we never expected that blew us away. The reason why testimonial videos have potential to quadruple your referral rates is that everyone is unique – and unique means genuine in peoples’ minds. That’s why you never comment unless there is a factual error you must correct.

Pre-Shoot Checklist

When we are good to go we always pause to double-check that everything is in place, because it is possible to forget the obvious in the build-up.

  • Are we on the same page in terms of time and date and shoot location …
  • Have we confirmed that the client’s core answers are factually correct …
  • Do these flow together to make an authentic, compelling story …
  • Are we building a testimonial that is true, effective and convincing …
  • Are we agreed about the background shots to use for continuity’s sake …

Take One – Action!

The best videos – and video testimonials – are spontaneous happenings where stories unfold in ways that are convincing. Every actor needs a stage they are comfortable with and does a rehearsal first. Make sure your customer is A-Okay with the venue, and that you attended to all the details on their behalf.

Double-check your video equipment. Your client is doing you a favour and may be camera shy. A re-shoot is a guarantee of a testimonial that looks a fake. To make double sure ask them to sign a release form. This should be in the privacy of their home or office naturally.

Begin with shots of your client enjoying what you sold them. This is not just an icebreaker. It also sets the stage for a positive testimonial. Don’t turn a video into a never-ending mission. Break it into bite-sized chunks by filming each set of answers separately.

Take Two – Distribution

Congratulations. Your video is done, looking good and you are pleased with it!  Your final step is to get it seen in the right places on the internet.

Do not forget SEO (search engine optimisation).  You need finding on the best channels but the competition is awesome.

You will strut your stuff and quadruple your referral rates if your video is professional, compelling and convincing.


Here are a couple of example testimonial videos for your inspiration.

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