PJH Constructions Renovations Business Video

PJH Constructions Renovations Business Video

Not everyone understands what a renovation is.

They have some idea but they’re not sure what it involves, the process and so on.

Paul at PJH Constructions is a Gold Coast Builder and we have created a number of videos for him.

Paul is very modern when it comes to marketing and it has been proven to work in the quality jobs he signs up.

The Renovation Business Video

In this video Paul wanted something different.

He wanted to not only showcase a few homes he has renovated in the past but also explain to future clients what can be done in a renovation. What are the possibilities.

He also clearly states the real life benefits of why a renovation can enhance your home. It makes it real for future clients.

He answers some frequently asked questions that come up such as timeframe of a renovation.

Video Details

As for the technical aspects of this video. Paul placed the video on the specific services page that covers renovations on his website.

When a prospect lands on his website – and the person is interested in a renovation – then they will click on the renovation link.

They have the option to read the details but then they also have the option to click on the video and “see” what PJH Constructions is capable of. This immediately makesPJH Constructions stand out from his competition.

In this digital age, people struggle to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Especially on a big investment like this. They need to literally call up and meet dozens of builders to choose the right one.

These videos makes it easy for Pauls prospects to choose him before going to any meetings. Yes they will still meet up with Paul but they will most probably only call Paul and not bother with all the other builders.

How does PJH Constructions use this video?

When we finished the final version of this video, we liased with Paul’s web designer to embed the video on the right page.


How this can help you

If you run a Business that offers a life changing decision you might want to have a look at an affordable Business Video.



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June 24, 2014