PJH Constructions Burleigh Testimonial Video

PJH Constructions Burleigh Testimonial Video

We always tell our clients that most of their customers will do a testimonial video if they only ask them. Here are the steps Paul took to have his client say nice things about his business:

Step 1: Call up your happy client as see if it is okay for Bizvideo to come over and shoot a testimonial video.
Step 2: Send us your clients details, we will call them up and arrange a time.
Step 3: You will have a testimonial video reasy within 1-2 weeks, ready to place on your website and convert more website viewers to paying clients.

Notice how ‘you’, as business owner, only need to put in 5 minutes into this exercise that could possibly bring in thousands of Dollars of revenue to your business?


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May 6, 2014