Adore Estate Coffee Business Video

When Adore Coffee Estate came to us a day before the 2013 Sydney Food and Wine Convention, we responded with our usual flare. We had tasted their wholesale coffee beans and loved them. Our goal was to produce a film to market the next convention planned for Melbourne, and reflect the discerning quality of their coffee when we filmed their stall. We had only five hours to assemble our equipment, book a flight, and board a plane for Sydney.

Client Overview

Adore coffee is branded for discerning connoisseurs who enjoy the experience and atmosphere that coffee creates. Whether you are sharing a cup of it with good friends, or enjoying it on your own it is a sensation. Their roasting factories are in Sydney, where they process coffee beans freshly every morning to create the finest flavours, aromas and espressos. After that, they deliver them to their boutique clientele in Sydney, Queensland and surrounds.

Panning & Pre-Production

The short notice gave us a single day for planning and pre-production.  Fortunately, Nick Mastro, owner and director of Adore Coffee Estate had contacted us a few weeks back regarding other film ideas he had. During the weeks that followed, we had brainstormed several projects for Adore Estate Coffee and their roasting partner Coffee Galleria. When they contacted us for the shoot down Sydney way, we already had valuable insider knowledge of their brand and company background.


The Adore Coffee Estate stand at the Sydney Food and Wine Convention blew everyone away. They had built on the creative idea of using an empty container as their centrepiece, and then decorating it with everything related to coffee. The art they sprayed all over it and the super cool milk delivery guy sitting on the roof created an atmosphere that we will never forget.


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June 18, 2014