Aavinet Testimonial Video

Aavinet Testimonial Video


Here’s a Testimonial Video that speaks from the heart.

This customer was truly happy with the service AAVINET has provided him.

The customer, Paul, can now be reassured that his Business and his home is secure.

He clearly states the benefits and in the end he sells AAVINETs services.

The Testimonial Video Questions Asked

If you listen carefully Paul not only states the benefits of using AAVINET but he actually diffuses a couple of objections prospects might have before using a security company to install their cameras.

He clearly states that the cost – which is a big objections in most cases – was not even that high.

The investment was half of what he expected. Wow.

This is a great way to calm your own prospect down and warm them up to the idea of doing business with you.

Who is this good for?

You might be in a business that sell higher ticket products or services.

Yes your service might cost customers thousands of dollars but you know you’re very competitive.

Then get one of your clients that had to jump that hurdle to warm up future clients with a well planned Testimonial Video.

Testimonial Videos are quick, easy and affordable.

And yes, they are very professional.

They look good and they sound fantastic.

Have a look at the video above and you will see.



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June 27, 2014