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Who can tell a story?

Every person has a story to tell. That story is important to them and they’re excited and proud to tell it. Over the years and through many conversations with our clients, we’ve started to realise that companies are just like people: full of life with a good tale to share.

Unfortunately, what we’ve also learnt is that few companies know what their stories are, and those that do often have no idea how best to go about telling it. This is a real pity as a company’s story is a phenomenal way for them to reach their target market and even sometimes motivate and encapsulate their employees.

XBC is an amazing client of ours with a lot of dreams and aspirations for their business and their clients. They’re also a pretty open minded bunch who are interested in and recognise the benefit of ongoing digital content that can be used to educate and build trust amongst their clients.

Now that’s big for us. We normally like to think that if our clients win, we win. But if our client’s clients win too, well that’s just next level.

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Objectives & Outcomes

With this project, we set out to create Customer Focused Stories to engage and attract like-minded businesses and personalities to start a conversation and even possibly become new clients of XBC.

With so many messages being transmitted all the time these days, engagement with this project was key, and we decided that the best way to accomplish this rarely achieved goal was through storytelling, particularly personal storytelling.

Why personal stories?

There’s an old saying amongst speech-writers and orators alike: the best way to tell a story is through personal experience.

We’ve found that in the last few years, intentional or not, companies have been trying to hide the people who make up their business. Brand up-front alongside service offering, support and low prices. “But what about the engine that runs the machine?” we thought. What about the people?  We’ve found that companies that create a transparent view of themselves by putting their people first, quickly become more personable and their clients feel more comfortable dealing with them.

Our other motivation for putting a personal story in the spotlight of this video was in an attempt to tackle the widely-held belief that corporate videos need to be long, airless gap-fillers stuffed full of stock and B-roll footage of business lunches and expensive logos. Who says a corporate video can’t be engaging, entertaining and interesting?

XBC Story: Larry Malan

Principle of Ray White Broadbeach


The overriding idea of this project was to have Larry tell his story, in a language that lay-folk like Larry would understand.

We invited him to talk about his personal wants and needs and, in a familiar way, explain some of the unique strategies that Ray White had implemented over the years to pull ahead of their competitors.

We hoped that this would give a very human element to the video and we think we nailed it.

The Storyline

Our Story Formula was chosen to highlight: Desire, Conflict, Journey/Solution and Results.

The story itself was informed through an interview we conducted with Larry. The interview was directed in such a way that it guided the story into a sensible format that complimented the visuals.

It must be made clear that as we’ve mentioned above, our goal was to create a corporate video with a difference. Thus we wanted to steer the story away from selling XBC as a company as much as we could. Instead we used the story to sell XBC on a subconscious level to the viewer instead of screaming at them “look what we do”.

We felt that this not only increased the potential engagement but also allowed the viewer to feel less guilty about becoming a customer of XBC after watching the video.

They wouldn’t be left feeling like they had fallen for some good marketing. Instead, because rapport had been built up prior to any selling, they would be left with a feeling of trust and transparency.


The Visuals

We feel like we selected visuals for this video that complimented the storyline extremely well.

The first visuals that the viewer sees are of Larry playing squash. The thinking here was to disarm the audience and get them to immediately view the video with a “lifestyle” hat on in the hopes that they would watch further into the film.

Most videos that we’d seen in the same space litter the visuals with office shots and corporate predictability. We wanted to steer completely away from this because it bores the audience shutting them off immediately.

The Ray White Broadbeach office is another key ingredient in this film. This location not only helped build authenticity for the business, but we feel that it also gave the story massive credibility.  We were careful to only introduce this location once we had the audience hooked into the story.

We also chose to show some of the Ray White team in their work environment, a bit of behind the scenes at the office. The goal here was to further build on the credibility we had developed a little earlier on and at the same time to humanise the work process. It is important to note that these visuals are not just purchased imagery of an empty office.

To further build the storyline and bring it to a conclusion, we move with Larry through the office, to his car and show the journey he takes to the squash court…one of his desires. We end where we started.


With all the effort dedicated to humanising the video and building the storyline, the music that scores the video needed to be very carefully selected so as not to let the video down.

With this in mind, we wanted to stay as far away from corporate jingles as possible and make the viewers feel like they were in a film by attempting to treat the video a little more cinematically.

What we wanted audience to feel

All the time and effort spent on this film would have been for nothing had we not been able to make the audience relate to Larry on a personal level and we’re quite proud to say that we think we did just that.

Lifestyle meets business seamlessly and we think that at some point the audience even forgot that they were watching a video made to advertise a business.

Video Marketing Strategy

We’re in the very early stages at the moment of using this video through marketing and advertising.

Digital and Online

Initially this video will be showcased on XBC’s website and also on the “Stories” page as we build up more stories.

The video will be used in digital advertising using Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIN ads and utilising remarketing to show the story to low hanging fruit. We’ll show this story on the channels where XBC’s website viewers hang out.

i.e. A website viewer lands on XBC’s website. Later on this video will be shown to them when they visit Facebook. An easy way to get started with Digital Advertising with higher ROI.


This video was also made with offline tactics in mind. Hang in there because we’re in the very early stages and we will update you on the progress on this page.


We’d love to hear all about your next project and are happy to assist wherever we can!
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