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Throw Back Thursday!

This was a video we created very early on in our business. This video was created over six years ago for one of our amazing clients, Express Blinds. Something that all businesses must do is look back on where they were and how far they have come. Analysing the past gives perspective and allows you to dream bigger for the future. There are a few key takeaways that we learnt from watching this video from six years ago. Six years ago we were on the cutting edge of technology. The videos we produced were above industry standard. This is to say that in no way is this video less quality than what we are producing today. For its time and the technology and skill that was available, it was top of its class. We have always been ahead of the curve and at the forefront of the industry.  


The ‘state of the art’ equipment that we were using back then is now considered very obsolete. In just six years, camera technology has advanced at an astounding rate. Full HD became the industry standard, closely followed in more recent times by the ‘soon to be’ industry standard of 4K. Our cameras have developed more features and developed the ability to capture incredible amounts of detail while getting smaller in size and more compact. This massive leap in the technology space has enabled more creators to stretch the limits of creativity. As a result, the industry as a whole has improved in quality. The ‘high quality’ videos you were in amazement of six years ago are far out shadowed by what you are in awe of today.  


Probably the most important point of difference and the most impactful change that has occurred over the past six years is the use of storytelling. We are seeing a huge shift towards storytelling in video. This is due to the fact that creating an emotional connection with your audience is becoming a necessity. Over the last six years, as the industry has developed, we have become experts in telling stories that get results. We are once again are on the cutting edge of the industry and continue to produce and create videos that stand out from the competition.
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