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Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of!

Showing off what your business can do for people is a very effective way to gain more clients. Leveraging the success of your services or product for a past customer with the power of video is highly effective. Word of mouth is powerful but people love to believe what they can see. That’s why video is so effective in this area. Take the success of your client and show it to people who are in a similar position. Another word for this is ‘social proof’. Social proof in the form of video is proven to be the most effective type of video content that companies can use to bring in more business. It helps to build trust and assurance in your service or product. Your potential customers can see how your business has been successful for someone in a similar position as them and therefore they assume it could do the same for them. It isn’t as easy as slapping together a video out of thin air. There are many different factors that determine the success of your social proof video or ‘case study video‘.

Use Story To Win With Video

To have a successful case study video, there is one vital element every video must have. The videos must have a compelling story that emotionally connects the message to the viewer. It is the ingredient that keeps the viewer watching throughout the video. It also helps to separate those who may not be interested in your services and leaves you with those who are genuinely wanting to use your business. In this video for XBC, we tell the story of how they provide a comprehensive printing solution to Wyndham resorts for the whole Asia, Pacific region. This video holds a lot of weight behind it as Wyndham is an international brand that is respected in the travel industry. Using this video has helped XBC to build confidence and trust in their brand and services.

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