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Building Trust

One of the many challenges that businesses today face is building trust with your target market. With competition everywhere, the customer is more likely to go with a company that they trust. That makes building up trust and credibility an important part of marketing. There are many ways of doing this within the large world of marketing, but one of the most effective ways is to use video. Video is the most effective method of communication. If you want to get your message of trust and credibility out then this is the best way to do it.

Crafting Your Message

XBC are using videos like this one to strengthen and grow their brand. In this video, they build trust by sharing the journey of one of their senior employees. There are a few key techniques that are used to craft a powerfully effective message of trust. The most powerful technique that we use in every video we create is storytelling. Telling a story to your audience creates an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression. It is that connection that results in the viewer having a great sense of trust in your brand or business. To ensure that your video is highly effective, there needs to be a point of difference. It has to stand out from other companies doing the same thing. By using storytelling, it by default makes your video unique. It is very hard for another business to copy your story. It results in a unique story that becomes the point of difference in your video. Storytelling can be used in many different types of video to improve the effectiveness and impact of the video. Business Overview videos are a great opportunity to tell the story of your business. Case Study Videos are a great opportunity to tell the story of your customers experience with you. There are many different ways you can use the power of story to add value to your brand or business.

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