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An important value that The GO2 People hold is that of diversity. The GO2 People needed their shareholders and their audience to see that they valued diversity very highly. We were commissioned to create a video for the that shows the diversity of their workplace.

This is important to them as it builds trust and confidence in the eyes of their investors.

Being a public company, building confidence in their investors is vital to the ongoing success of their business. The investors need to feel that the direction the company is going in is in their best interests.

They need to be confident that the values that they say they hold are being outworked in the company. This video is a way of showing that The GO2 People are out working exactly what they said they would do. It shows that they are upholding the values that they set.

Across The Continent

To create this video, we travelled to The GO2 People’s offices in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia. This was not our first time doing work in Perth but it was the first time this year that we have been out to Perth. As there are many more value videos to be created, we have been to all major cities in Australia to create them.

These cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Travelling is a part of the job and it makes every project exciting and different.

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