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What makes us human?

When you stop and think about storytelling, you will realise that it is a big part of what makes us human.

Storytelling is Everywhere

We spend a good part of our lives telling stories in some form or another. Every time you catch up with some friends, you tell each other stories of the latest work drama or how you time away was.

We consume stories every day from the news, social media, television and many more. You can see that storytelling is ingrained in our culture. It is how we connect with each other, share our experiences, our feelings, our desires and so much more.

It is a form of communication that is highly effective at getting a message across to someone because of the connection that it forms. Why are businesses not taking advantage of this powerful way to send a message?

Why Your Business Needs Story

The power of story lies in the emotional impact it leaves on the recipient. The result of that impact is where the value is created.

From a business perspective, you need your audience to trust your brand or business. It is an essential part of any sale. It is also arguably the hardest part of the sales process, building the trust needed for a financial commitment.

When you create a connection with our audience, you are starting the process of building trust. The path of building trust starts with knowing and liking your business. This is what story produces, it breaks down the barrier of the unfamiliar which leads your audience to feel like they know you.

Once the connection has been established, the audience begins to like your business which leads to trust. You can see that story is a powerful tool that many businesses do not use. There are many ways to tell a story but the most effective way is with video.

Video Is The King of Storytelling

The way that your story is told is equally as important as the story itself. Just like changing the tone of your voice can change the meaning or impact of the words you are speaking. To get the greatest impact out of your story, you need to use video to tell it.

Video has the highest engagement rate out of any other form of communication. You process visual information 70,000 times faster than text. This means you can absorb more information in less time. Video also has the highest retention rate than any other form of media.

Not only can you give more information in a shorter amount of time but the information you give is more likely to be remembered by the viewer. Vince from CartonCloud has used this technique of storytelling through his business video to humanise and build trust in his company.

After watching this video his prospective clients want to work with him because they believe in what he is doing. This only happens when a connection is created.

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