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by | Oct 24, 2018 | Recent Projects

Team Grbcic

Team Grbcic is a well respected and established commercial real estate team. They are currently working for Ray White in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

We have had the privilege to be their video solution partners and have closely watched the way that they interact and deal with their clients. When you approach team Grbcic, you are not just treated like a number, it is an experience to remember. They look after their clients and ensure that their best interests are the highest priority at all times.

Team Grbcic has built a reputable brand in the commercial real estate sector. This results in their clients achieving and overachieving their goals when selling a property. When you list with them, you get the best of the best.

Video Is The Future

Moving away from the status quo and thinking outside the box has been a major contributor to the success of Team Grbcic. To stand out in an industry that is flooded, you need to be different and create your own path. This is exactly what Adam and Tony Grbcic are doing.

They are using video as a way to market the properties they list. They then use social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin to distribute these videos and generate leads which convert into sales for their clients.

No expense is spared on the production of video as it is the essential ingredient to the success of this strategy. Using video to market their property listings on social media has achieved outstanding results for their clients and it will continue to do so.

The Process

In order for a real estate video like this one to be effective, there needs to be an extremely efficient process in place to ensure a fast turn around.

The video needs to go up as soon as possible after the property listing goes live. For this video, we delivered the finished product in just under 48 hours from filming to handover. This will ensure the maximum amount of interest and reach, and will greatly impact the effectiveness of the campaign.

There needs to be a quick turn around time while maintaining the level of quilty that is needed to represent the professionalism of the brand. We continue to provide our industry standard quality while ensuring a quick turn around time for real estate video.

There is no doubt that this video will be a major factor in the sale of this property. It will help match the perfect buyer as well as the best sale price for the client.

With an honest approach and a “no cutting corners” policy, there are no surprises that Team Grbcic are the best in the industry and will continue to dominate the commercial real estate industry.

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