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A great way to build your brand is to give your audience something of value for free. The most common value given is in the form of information that can solve a problem that they are facing. If your business can help someone solve a simple problem for free, it goes a long way. As a client or potential customer, receiving valuable information for free will build your trust and confidence in that business. This is especially valuable when working in an industry where trust is easy to lose and hard to earn. Adam Grbcic from Ray White has found that using this technique has greatly helped him build his personal brand. In the Real Estate industry, it is hard to stand out and be different from other salespeople. Not everyone likes to give something away for free, this makes it extremely effective when you give information away as it propels you to the front of your competition. Check out their Facebook, their Agents Profile and the Profile Film we created.


There are many ways to deliver that value to your audience. You could use email, text, a newsletter and many other forms of communication to get the message across. All those forms of communication will work, it will get your message in front of your audience but the challenge isn’t getting the message in front of them, it’s getting your audience to retain the information and act on it. Video is proven to be the best form of communication to deliver a message to your audience. Video has the highest retention rate. This will mean that your audience will be more likely to remember your brand and the content that you gave them for free. When they are needing service or a product, they are more likely to come your way. The best type of video to use to deliver value is a content video. Just like the one above that Adam used to deliver value to his audience.


There are many ways that you can use a content video to benefit and help grow your business. They can be highly valuable and used in almost all areas of your business. The video can be sent out in an email to your existing clients to add value to them. This may result in repeat business and it will strengthen your brand in the eyes of your clients. You can use content videos in your sales process to solve common objections before the prospect even brings them up. They can be used for cold audiences on social media to build awareness for your brand. There are many applications for content videos that can support and help grow your business. Video needs to be seen as an asset in your company and used as an asset to assist in the growth of your business. When video is used correctly it can be a pivotal factor in the success of your company.

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