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Changing An Industry

In the world of personal training, it is nearly unheard of to find a PT that trains people with special needs. It is an untapped market and an area that many PT’s are afraid of. This fear is simply the fear of the unknown and it is a result of being uneducated in that field. With the correct training and education, any PT’s can confidently train anyone with special needs.

Specialcise exists to make a difference in the world of PT’s. Their goal is for as many PT’s to use their program as possible. This program is made to educate and equip personal trainers to take on kids with special needs as clients. These kids just want to move and be active like everyone else.

This video that we created for Specialcise is a case study video that is designed to target Personal Trainers. The video is there to break down the fear of the unknown and bring some confidence in the idea of training kids with special needs. The video shows that it isn’t something to be afraid of and that it can be a massive part of their client base as there is a huge need in that area.

Case study videos like this can be very powerful for business, as you can design them to target a specific target market.

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