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Greater Impact through Inspiration

Specialcise continues to inspire and amaze us with the difference they are making in the lives of kids with special needs. This video is the story of one of Cooper, one of the active attendees of a Specialcise program. His mum shares with us what a difference Specialcise has made in Cooper.

This video serves the purpose to show other parents the effect that Spcialcise can have on their children. It is to inspire hope in parents with kids that have special needs. To show them that it is possible for their children to be active and enjoying it. This may come as a huge relief to parents as there are not many programs out there that work.

This video is a form of social proof. Social proof is very powerful and effective as we as humans love to do things that other people have already done before us. Social proof removes the barrier of distrust and allows the viewer to become more familiar with the brand and start to build the foundation of trust.

When another mother sees this video, she will relate to it as she knows exactly the emotions that Tanya in the video had to go through. By creating that emotional connection, the viewer is more likely to trust the recommendation that Tanya gives. This will move the viewer closer to taking action with the business.

Our hope is that this video helps to shine a light on the great work that Specialcise is doing for the special needs community and that many more stories like this one will be produced in the future.

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