Naturally we love working with other creative businesses that are helping their clients get attention and grow.

We partnered up with Ruby Communications to create a PR Agency Overview Video for them to really inspire their current and future clients.

The beautiful thing about a Business Overview Story video is that you can really show the diversity in clients, services, projects and team all in a 2 minute video that not only inspires people but shows the value you provide. It makes your business ‘real’.

We’ve noticed that a lot of businesses live in “obscurity” and people don’t get to experience the business from a visual point of view unless they are a client.

Incorporating a multitude of visuals really paints a picture of the business and the story (narrative) helps engage the audience. The benefit of engagement means they consume more visuals which means you overcome this problem of obscurity in your business.

We love working with Ruby Communications and we can’t wait to share stories of their clients shortly.

What’s most inspiring about Ruby Communications:

  • Biggest PR Agency on the Gold Coast
  • Strong reputation for consumer, lifestyle, tourism, and retail.
  • Love to create something out of nothing.
  • Team of 20+
  • Very flexible work environment
  • Full-time in-house lifestyle photographers.
  • Full-time journalist.
  • Evolved with the times & passion to evolve.
  • Consider all platforms for clients.
  • Partner up with companies and become part of their team.
  • Working to leave a legacy.

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I think to be truly creative you need to find something that is original or that hasn’t been done before or it’s just so outside of the box set, it’s going to have the media cut through. That’s the inspiration behind the brand, is making sure that people’s stories do get told. The reason that I look to do public relations is really to be a vehicle to tell people’s stories. There are so many inspirational people doing phenomenal things that have no way of getting their story told. It’s also about not being stuck inside one mold and thinking that things have to go a certain way. I think PR is so diverse and it’s ever-changing and now we’ve got digital and we’ve got influences and we’ve got talent and all of these other amazing avenues and I think it’s not being too proud to say, I’m still learning. It’s still moving because we all are.

We’ve got the get up and go attitude. What we deliver is, it’s punchy. It’s unique, it’s creative, it’s inspiring. It’s what gets our clients that cut through media attention that they’re looking to achieve. We’ve created a very relaxed environment here at Ruby. We do different things like allowing them to bring their puppies to work. Or, we might go away for a Ruby retreat where we all get together and have a great time together, but also do professional development and team bonding. But I think it’s the level of respect that we have for one another that makes it such a great place to work. We believe in our clients, we want to be an extension of their business, so we see ourselves as almost being part of the internal team. It’s always just to do things in a transparent, honest way. Look after people, and what I find is then people do look after you. The general gist is that everyone’s really excited. Once you come to the end of whether it’s a project or whether it’s an ongoing campaign. I think, that going through the results, I’m looking back and going, wow, this is what we achieved altogether.