Peugeot, Reebok “Be You” & Coca Cola Gold

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The common theme for this week revolves around specific ads that caught my attention. What I like about these ads are they all have a story and blends into content rather than ‘hey check us out’ media.

These videos are all for big brands but I wanted to look at where advertising is going.

As I suspected, it’s going into a entertainment direction where companies won’t be selling or using direct marketing to reel us in, instead creating content that we enjoy and want to feel part of.


Client : Peugeot
Agence : Fullsix
Prod : Freemantle media
Prod exé: Hernest
Réal : Bastien Roger
Chef op : Gerald Acourt

What makes this ad so attention grabbing is the fact that the creators knew who the story was about. All the imagery is directed to a very specific personality and I have huge respect for that.

If you are a potential customer of Peugeot and its product you will feel a sense of connection and it will win you over.

Reebok “Be You”

starring Mynijah Ward
shot on 35 mm film
Director / DP / Edit – nautico
Production Company – Hatch Content
Executive Producers – Adam Bagger
Producer – Jeff Lamb
Production Designer – Carley Solether
Sound Design – Jeff Lorentzen and Jordan Gatesmith
Gaffer – Cole Pisano
Best Boy – Devon McKinney
Steadicam – Robert Arnold
1st AC – Yoshi Kinoshita
2nd AC – Rachel Wiederhoeft
Hair & Make Up – Wren Witting
1st AD – Jay Dizon
Special Thanks – Katie White, Matt Hardman

I’ve watched this piece a couple of times over the last few months and I find myself thinking about it every now and then.

I think there are a few factors why I enjoy this story so much but I think most importantly the creators have gone extremely deep and have found a way to create awareness to the people that feel like Mynijah in this film.

In most cases, have all felt this way, and that is why it may appeal to so many. In essence, Reebok have created a sense of community or something to be part of.

Coca Cola Gold

Produced by Cases Films
Executive Producer: Paddy Xu
Directed by: Augusto Fraga
Director of Photography: Sergi Gallardo
Music composed by: Hanan Townshend
Editor: Marcos Castiel
Sound design: Henrique Lima, Som de Lisboa
Color Grading: Vincent Taylor MPC / Paulo Inés, Light Film
Post Production: MPC
VFX Supervisor: Barry Greaves

The reason I enjoyed this video was mostly because of the imagery and cinematography. A suppose a big budget will allow one do create a piece like this but I must say it was well done.

They also did well to combine the personal stories into one common theme.

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